Welcome to Spectre

Welcome to the Spectre Store! 

By purchasing packages, you help us continue to work on community projects, host public game servers, run community events, and gain access to some cool perks.

*All purchases are non-refundable.*

*For support relating to payments/packages, please join the Spectre Discord and make a support ticket.*

*Spectre is currently hosting servers inside the Australia region, however the region is entirely funded by the players. To keep transparency, The monthly minimum goal for the region is 60 USD this will allow us to continue to host servers in the region. You can help us meet this goal by donating for the Supporter package or you can purchase premium and enjoy extra benefits within the servers. If you donate a amount that is greater than any of the Premium packages, and you want the Supporter package and the Premium package please join the Spectre Discord, and make a support ticket.*

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